Saturday, December 1, 2012

Playing "Catch up"

Yay! I have the best Dada in the whole wide world! I mean, we already knew that but it had to be said again today. He went to Best Buy this morning and bought an external memory card reader. That means that the blog is up and running again! Phew!
Here are some "catching up" pictures that Mama wanted to post.
Thankgsgiving at the Mehall's continued:
Enjoying a juice box outside:
Aubrey let me go for a ride in her car.
She doesn't normally like to share it but we are best friends!
 We had fun decorating Gingerbread houses:
 Note that I am trying to eat the candy! Ha ha!
My finished houses (thanks to Mama's help):
Decorating our tree. We decorated the tree last weekend. Mama and Dada let me put the first ornaments onto the tree.
It took a lot of concentration!
 I really enjoyed it and still like to rearrange the ornaments now!
 We also welcomed Snowflake the Elf.
She watches me and reports back to Santa if I have been a good girl.
(I only have tantrums everyone once in a while. Hee hee)
Yesterday we met the Mehall's for our tradition of going to "Christmas in Davidson".  Here are a few pictures from yesterday:
A Harbin family picture in front of the big tree:
 Aubrey and me:
 I LOVED the horsies and watched them all night!
 The Mamas and us girls went on a wagon ride around the town.
Today we had a "photo shoot" for our Christmas card. Mama has been busy playing with different options on Shutterfly. I'm sure there will be some pictures posted later on. :-)
Again, Thank  you Dada for solving our blog problem. We are happy to be up and running again!

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