Sunday, November 4, 2012

Statesville Punmpkin Fest

Yesterday Mama, Dada, and I drove up to Statesville to see our friends the Mehalls. It was Andy's birthday and I always love playing with Aubrey. The Dada's stayed at home and watched football and the Mama's, Aubrey, and I went to the Statesville Pumpkin Fest. We got to paint our own pumpkin, pick out new hair bows, and even sit on a tractor. I was a little scared at first but when Mama told me that Kai would love to see a picture of me sitting on a John Deere tractor, I did it (with Mama!). Here are some pictures from yesterday....  
Aubrey and I had matching car seats her in mini van. We had
our own conversation in the back seat and Aubrey told me that
she liked my shoes.
Painting pumpkins with Aubrey.
My master piece.
Just hanging out at the
Pumpkin Fest
This one's for you, Kai!
We had fun playing with the baby doll
Enjoying some chips!
Aubrey took me everywhere in the stroller.
We ate dinner together.
I enjoyed a birthday cupcake.
All snuggly after splashing together in the tub!
I had a great day with Aubrey!
Here are some more pictures from the past couple of days.....
Rosey cheeks!
I-pad time with Dada!
I was playing my Cars game from Uncle Dave,
Aunt Mica, and Mallory.
Silly Halloween glasses.
Technology time.
This is what happens when Mama gives me the whole bag
of Goldfish crackers. I have no portion control. Hee Hee!

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