Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Dada!

Happy happy 5 year anniversary to Mama and Dada! We enjoyed a nice day together to celebrate today. We went to the diner this morning (we have not been there in a while!) and I enjoyed a nice breakfast of hash browns, bacon, and french toast. Then we went shopping at Kohl's and Mama and Dada bought me new tights and boots. They made my outfit extra cute today! To celebrate their anniversary, we all went to Outback restaurant and enjoyed a nice dinner. Here are some pictures from today......
Looking fancy in my new boots!

*I really was saying it.

Smooches for Sidney!

Mama and me at the Outback.

Dada and me at the Outback.

"Okay, I've had enough of these tights! Hee Hee!"

Anniversary day self portrait - take 1

Anniversary day self portrait - take 2
Mama and me after bath time today.
I love you Mama and Dada and I hope that you had a great day! :-)

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