Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun With Friends

Yesterday Dada decided to try out the smoker on the grill. He and his friend Otto smoked two big pieces of pork. We invited some friends over to come hang out try the pork when it was done. The Ottos, the Mehalls, the Petermans, and Cor Cor came over. That meant I had lots of friends to play with! Here are some pictures of me with Aubrey, Xavier, and Corinne.....
Aubrey and I enjoyed playing on Jacko!

We had a little snack: yogurt, strawberries, and cheese
in the shape of mickey mouse!

Enjoying a book in my rocking chair in my room.

Playing on the I-pad
The I-pad was interesting for everyone!

Mama tried to take a picture of our almost matching PJs.
Not sure about those facial expressions! Ha ha!
Watching T.V. with Corinne.
What a fun day! Thanks, Mama and Dada!

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