Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Say It's My Birthday?

Happy Happy Second Birthday to me!!!
Mama and I had a fabulous day today. She took a day off of work so that she could spend it with me. She insists on being the one to smooch me at 1:19....and really, I'm okay with that. :-) Mama made car cupcakes last night (this was a trial run for my birthday party on Saturday). Today we went to Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville, Kohl's (where I picked out my present - a Fisher Price Dr. Kit), Dada's school to bring him cupcakes, and to Ms. Angi's to drop of cupcakes to share tomorrow. Here are pictures from my day....
My fabulous car cupcakes.
They sure are delicious!

My birthday balloon.
I had a cupcake for breakfast....hee hee!
It was one without icing.

What? This is for me?
Thanks Oma and Opa!

I am going to be stylish!
Thank you for all of the great new clothes!

I got to skype with Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, Kai, and Nora.
*I also got to skype with Gammy and Pappy & Oma AND
I received a phone call from my Great Grandmother in Germany
(and my Great Aunt Petra). Thank you!
We got to Discovery Place a few minutes before it opened
so we sat outside and watched the cars and trucks drive by.

Just doing a little banking at the drive through.

Gotta slide over to push that button!
It actually works like a real bank (minus
the money! ha ha)

Water table fun! "More toys please, Mama!"

So much fun!
Hey! Who is that adorable 2 year old in that big mirror?
Smooches for you! Hee Hee!

Ya know.....just taking my
alligators for a walk across the bridge!

Come sit with me, Mama!

Vrooom! Vrooom! Driving in the Nascar!

Enjoying a birthday cupcake at Dada's school.
A family picture!

Phew! What a busy morning!

1:19 - Happy Happy Birthday!
I'll always be Mama's "baby".
Hi Oma! Do I have any frosting on my face???
Hi, Mama!

Ms. Angi and some of my daycare friends.

A picture with Ms. Angi and my best bud, William.

Paging Dr. Harbin
Hee Hee, Mama, here comes the shot!
What a fun fun day it was!
Current likes: Cars, helping with household chores: wiping down my high chair, helping empty the dishwasher, putting the clothes into the dryer. I like to play with the sugar packets at restaurants (and put them back when I am done), playing with Sidney & Crosby, pusthing the buttons on our Halloween decorations that sing, and just being a happy toddler in general. :-)
Current dislikes: My Halloween costume. Dada ordered an Ewok costume for me and I DO NOT LIKE IT.
In other news:  I now have all four of my two-year molars. Am I done with getting teeth for a while???
A Trip Down Memory Lane.....
October 3, 2010
Happy Birth Day to me!

October 3, 2011
Happy 1st Birthday to me!

October 3, 2012
Happy Second Birthday to me!


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