Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Shoe Shoes"

I call my shoes my "shoe shoes" and lately I have been very particular about the ones that I want to wear......
Pappy's shoes were quite comfy even
though they were a little too big for me.
Hee hee!

I insisted on wearing my new Cars slippers
out to dinner. *Mama did bring a pair of "real"
shoes for me to change in to.

Dipping some chips into the salsa. I did not try it.

Enjoying some chips with Gammy.
My buddy Carson and I walked down
to the playground together.
Weeee! The slide is so much fun!

Hi, baby Laney!

Birthday presents from Germany!

Thank you Uncle Guenni, Aunt Michelle, Kai and Nora.

The Otto's came out to the Whitewater Center with us yesterday.
It was the last event of the season...and it was pretty chilly!
All of our company is gone. It's strange to have the house to ourselves. Miss you all....we had a great time!

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