Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Fall Festival Fun!

I am one lucky girl and I have had the chance to go to three Fall festivals!!! First I went to Dada's, then I went to Mama's and today we met "Cor Cor" at her school and enjoyed her Fall festival.
There were lots of games and food vendors. The best one was from a place called Cupcrazed. They have been the winner on a T.V. show called "Cupcake Wars" and their treats really were delicious!! Mama bought me a cookie. I ate all of the frosting off first and then enjoyed the rest of it. Here are some pictures from today...
Enjoying my cookie.

Cor Cor and me. I was too busy enjoying my cookie to
look up to take a picture.

Thanks for my cookie, Mama!

"Yay! A pumpkin just my size!"

Mama and me.

The same picture from before, just in black and white and
cropped. :-)

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