Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's My Party!

Today was my birthday party and I had a great time. Lots of friends and family came to celebrate with me.
Friends and Family that were here: Mama, Dada, Gammy, Pappy, Great Nana, Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, Mallory, Courtney, Jason & Michele Otto, The Wykoffs (Matt, Kathy & Lilly), and the Brangs (Patrick, Ingrid, Carson, and Laney). Oma got to share in on the birthday celebration via Skype and saw me blow out my birthday candle. Technology really is amazing. I missed everyone that couldn't make it but I know you would have been here if it was possible. :-)
Here are many pictures from the party:
My awesome car cupcakes
that Mama made.

Close-up view of a car cupcake.

My cars display. Apple slices with grape wheels, cupcakes,
and chocolate candy bars with bear.

My candy bar cars!

Gammy and me.

Mama and the birthday girl in front of the cars display.

Just hanging out eating lots of good food.

Make a wish!

The birthday girl with Mama and Dada.

All of the kids got party hats that said Pit Crew.

I wore mine backwards. Hee Hee!

Hanging out with Carson and Laney.

Hugs from my buddy Carson.

Me and my birthday friends:
Laney, Carson, me, Lilly, and Mallory.

Trying to do a split.

Present time!

Mallory and I enjoyed my new toys.

Hanging out with Lilly.
Here is the video of me blowing out my birthday candle. Michele was the wonderful videographer again. That may have to be her yearly job. :-) Thanks to Courtney for "holding Oma" so that she could see, and to Matt for taking awesome pictures!
Mallory, Lilly, and I also played the game "Put the #95 on Lightning McQueen." Mama took videos of course:

Thanks again for a great day! 

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