Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Year Stats & Nana Time!

Silly girl at the doctor's office.
Note: This was before the flu shot!
Today Mama and Gammy took me to the doctor's for my 2 year check-up....can you believe it?!? Mama thought it would be easy-peasy with no shots. Well bummer for me because she decided that I needed a flu shot! Mama ended up getting one too and she also got her tetanus shot (to help against the whooping cough). She was a little bit braver than me and did not cry. I on the other hand began crying as soon as we walked back to the room. I remember that place and that place is no fun! I did stop crying long enough to enjoy some peanut butter crackers before I got my shot. Here are my stats:
Height: 35 inches - 78%
Weight: 28.3 pounds - 60%
Head: 30 cm (we did not get a %)
Tonight I had some fun with my Great Nana. I kept giving her kisses and then we read some books together. My attention span is very limited at times but Mama captured two short videos of Great Nana and me.

Smooches for you Great Nana!

Thank you for reading to me!
Note: I don't have pants on because I was showing of my
"boo boo" from where I got my shot.


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