Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!
Mama, Dada, and I went Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood. I walked most of the way and enjoyed going to the houses to get candy. I think we went to around 15 houses (a lot of the houses weren't handing out candy so we had to do a lot of walking). I wore my Piglet costume again because it was cozy and warm. You'll notice the flashlight around my daycare friend, William, gave it to me today. We had a party at Ms. Angi's and that was in my treat bag.
Here are pictures from today....
Here I am ready to go!

Mama and me. I was too interested in my flashlight.


The ears only stayed on for a few seconds.
I just didn't want to wear the hood!

Dada and me!

I liked walking through the leaves.

Hi, Mama!

Hmmm....where should we go next?

I got tired of walking and Mama got tired of carrying me... we compromised for a little bit and I sat on her shoulders.

Phew! Trick-or-Treating sure is tiring!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

May The Force Be With You

If you haven't guessed by the title of this blog, the Harbin family costume theme this year was Star Wars. Dada was Han Solo, Mama was Princess Leia, and I was an Ewok.
We have had the costumes for a while and I wanted nothing to do with mine. I did cooperate yesterday and put on my costume after I insisted that I take a bath first. Yup, Mama and Dada were in the middle of party preparations and I had to take a bath. Hee hee! Here are some pictures from the party....
Cutest Ewok ever!

Princess Leia and her Ewok


Han Solo, Princess Leia, and an Ewok

May the force be with you!

Mama's Pinterest inspired recipe: Witch Hats and Broomsticks

My buddy Zack (aka Mickey Mouse) came over.

Just taking a cruise on my quad.
For some reason I only use it during parties. :-)

Zack and I enjoyed playing with the knocker.

Enjoying a little snack.

I love my Mama!
 Today we went to the Northwoods Fall Festival. We stayed for about an hour but I was more interested in playing on the playground. I didn't want to pet the goats or go for a pony ride. Dada took some pictures of me....

Silly glasses!

Hi Dada!
Mama and I went to a "Trunk or Treat" at a local church. People park their cars and decorate the trunks of their cars. You get to walk from car to car and get candy. There were also games and a hayride. We saw my friends Zack and Payson (and their Mamas and Dadas) there too!
I dressed up as Piglet today.

My friend Payson and me (and our matching pacifiers!
Hee hee)

Me, Payson, and Zack

Piglet and Minnie Mouse
What a fun two days it has been.....maybe dressing up in a costume isn't that bad after all! :-)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Fall Festival Fun!

I am one lucky girl and I have had the chance to go to three Fall festivals!!! First I went to Dada's, then I went to Mama's and today we met "Cor Cor" at her school and enjoyed her Fall festival.
There were lots of games and food vendors. The best one was from a place called Cupcrazed. They have been the winner on a T.V. show called "Cupcake Wars" and their treats really were delicious!! Mama bought me a cookie. I ate all of the frosting off first and then enjoyed the rest of it. Here are some pictures from today...
Enjoying my cookie.

Cor Cor and me. I was too busy enjoying my cookie to
look up to take a picture.

Thanks for my cookie, Mama!

"Yay! A pumpkin just my size!"

Mama and me.

The same picture from before, just in black and white and
cropped. :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Shoe Shoes"

I call my shoes my "shoe shoes" and lately I have been very particular about the ones that I want to wear......
Pappy's shoes were quite comfy even
though they were a little too big for me.
Hee hee!

I insisted on wearing my new Cars slippers
out to dinner. *Mama did bring a pair of "real"
shoes for me to change in to.

Dipping some chips into the salsa. I did not try it.

Enjoying some chips with Gammy.
My buddy Carson and I walked down
to the playground together.
Weeee! The slide is so much fun!

Hi, baby Laney!

Birthday presents from Germany!

Thank you Uncle Guenni, Aunt Michelle, Kai and Nora.

The Otto's came out to the Whitewater Center with us yesterday.
It was the last event of the season...and it was pretty chilly!
All of our company is gone. It's strange to have the house to ourselves. Miss you all....we had a great time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2 Year Stats & Nana Time!

Silly girl at the doctor's office.
Note: This was before the flu shot!
Today Mama and Gammy took me to the doctor's for my 2 year check-up....can you believe it?!? Mama thought it would be easy-peasy with no shots. Well bummer for me because she decided that I needed a flu shot! Mama ended up getting one too and she also got her tetanus shot (to help against the whooping cough). She was a little bit braver than me and did not cry. I on the other hand began crying as soon as we walked back to the room. I remember that place and that place is no fun! I did stop crying long enough to enjoy some peanut butter crackers before I got my shot. Here are my stats:
Height: 35 inches - 78%
Weight: 28.3 pounds - 60%
Head: 30 cm (we did not get a %)
Tonight I had some fun with my Great Nana. I kept giving her kisses and then we read some books together. My attention span is very limited at times but Mama captured two short videos of Great Nana and me.

Smooches for you Great Nana!

Thank you for reading to me!
Note: I don't have pants on because I was showing of my
"boo boo" from where I got my shot.