Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day!

It's Grandparent's Day! Happy happy day to Pappy, Gammy, Opa and Oma! Here are some pictures of me with my most favorite grandparents in the whole wide world!
Enjoying a good book with Pappy.
All dressed up and fancy wtih Gammy.
Smooches for Opa!
Enjoying some sunshine with Oma.
Because I know that you are my biggest followers on my blog, here are the most recent pictures that Mama has taken of me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
Kisses for Crosby
Look! There are two kitties!
Not really, one is a robot kitty from my friend, Corrine.
It looks real though, right?
Enjoying some of Mama's homemade pizza.
*Check out my cool new Cars cup!
Water tastes delicious from it.
Looking stylish in my outfit from Charlie,

Hugs for Sidney!

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