Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Yesterday Mama, Dada, and I drove up to Statesville to celebrate Aubrey's second birthday. She doesn't turn two until Thursday, but her party was yesterday. It was "Bob the Builder" themed because that's what she loves. I enjoyed playing with all of the friends that were there, eating lots of yummy food, and playing with all of the toys.
I got a hug from the birthday girl!

How do I put this party hat on???

Playing a game. We had to pass the tool box and when the
music stopped whoever was holding the toolbox got a piece of
candy! I won a little lollipop!

The party hat would not stay on!

Enjoying my lollipop that I won....and playing with the
tissue paper from the presents.

Mmm! Mmm! Cake and ice cream.

Edinboro Babies!
Our Mamas all worked together at the daycare during college.
London's Mama now works with Lindsay and he'll turn 2
on October 5th!

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy the
water table. Check out my

Aubrey joined me too!

"Come on up,  Aubrey!"

The door came off of the playhouse so I carried it all the
way to Andy so that he could fix it.

Silly, silly girl!!

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