Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fun With Cor-Cor

Cor-Cor (otherwise known as Courtney) has been staying with us. I love having her here and hanging out with her. We've done lots of fun things and she always plays with me while Mama is making dinner. I am loving all of the extra attention!
Last weekend Cor-Cor painted my toenails to match Mama's. I had to sit very still.... pretty!

Matching Mama's toes.

Dada and I snuggled last weekend and watched the
Nascar race.
 Today Mama and I took Cor-Cor to Jetton Park....she had never been there! We walked around the trail and then stopped and played at the playground for a little bit.
Mama took my shoes off so that
I could walk in the sand.

"Come on, Cor-Cor, let's go see the water!"
Mama and me.
"What? We have to leave?"

Silly face on the slide!

Peek-a-boo I went through the tunnel.
Profile picture.
After the park, we stopped at Bruster's Ice Cream. I got a free kid cone - eyes and sprinkles included! It was delicious.
How cute is that ice cream cone?

I enjoyed every single bite of it!

"Do I have any ice cream on my face?"
What a fun day....and it's only Saturday. It's a long weekend this weekend so we have two more days to have fun!
Sending love and kisses to all of my family and friends!

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