Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Festival Fun!

Today Mama, Dada, and I went to Dada's school for their Fall Festival. There were lots of fun things to do and I wanted to try out everything! I am a big girl now and am pretty fearless. Here are some pictures from all of my adventures today....
I went down the big slide all by myself.

I also went up the steps by myself!
(Mama was always behind me though
and was ready to catch me...except for
here because she was taking the picture.)

Check out how big the slide was!
 Those slide pictures were nothing though compared to this one! It was a big inflatable slide that Mama and I went on together....twice! I would have gone all by myself but it was hard to get up to the top all by myself. Dada waited at the bottom and took the pictures. Thanks, Dada!
Here we go!

Mama slid a little bit faster than me.

Here I go on my own!

Next up was the Choo Choo train.
I loved it!

I enjoyed a lemonade flavored snow cone. Yum! Yum!

Dada and I played a game.
I won 5 pieces of chocolate...Yippee!

Check out my hair style.
Ms. Angie put my hair in a ponytail today!
Here are also some pictures of me from the last couple of days. Mama also took some pictures while Oma, Opa, and Klaus Dieter were here....
The first pictures are of me enjoying a McDonald's dipped ice cream cone last week. Mama wanted one and she ordered me a regular kids cone. Well, McDonald's got the order wrong. They charged for a kids cone but gave us two dipped cones. Yippee for me because I got to try the chocolate dipped cone!
Mmmm! What is this?

My finger works like a spoon!

The chocolate dipped cone resulted in a bath for me!

Here are Mama's pictures from Oma, Opa, and "Dee-ta's" visit:
Enjoying a stroll in the neighborhood.

"Mama, can' you see? I am busy typing on my keyboard."

Playing with Opa.

Snack time with Oma.
A picture with Opa and Oma (and Crosby too!)

Smooches for Oma!

And smooches for Opa!

Happy girl!!!
Tomorrow we are off to Statesville to celebrate Aubrey's second birthday. A new blog to follow soon. :-)

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