Monday, September 3, 2012

A Little Bit of German

As promised in the earlier blog, Mama tried to get some new vdoes of me....however, I was not cooperating too much. She really wanted to get me doing my new silly laugh (I say Ha! Ha! Ha!) and these videos aren't really the best because I am not looking at the camera. You can still get the idea though that I am really starting to learn my German words too. Wouldn't you know though, that as soon as Mama stopped recording and was watching the videos on the flip camera, I was look right at her and saying the words and pointing to my nose, mouth, etc. Oh well, maybe next time I'll do a little bit better. Heehee!
Video #1 translation:
Say Oma
Say Opa
Say love you!
Say car
Say hello
Say thank you
Say please
Video #2 translation:
Ayla, where is your nose?
Where's your mouth?
Where are your ears?
Where are your eyes?
Where is your nose?
Where is your mouth?
Where is your mouth?
Give a kiss.
Give a kiss. No?
Say no, no.
Video #3 translation:
It's kindof hard to translate, but it's a song about a duck swimming in the water and it puts it's head in the water and it's tail in the air. Ms. Angie taught this song to me at daycare and I like to point my finger up in the air and say "Höh"
Woah! Dada just had to remind Mama that it's my "23 Month Old" birthday. Tsk! Tsk! Mama! Here's a little update:
Current likes: Cars, Cars, and more Cars. I love to point to them and say "Car!" and I love to play with all of Dada's Nascars. (I have even figured out that the wheels come off so Mama and Dada have to be really careful so I don't put them in my mouth) I also love to help Mama unload the dishwasher. Recently, I felt the need to help her load it, and I took all of the clean tupperware bowls out of the drawer and put them in the dishwasher. Heehee!
Current dislikes: Sleeping through the night. I've been up again lately....oopsie! I didn't like Dada's new Halloween, Hazel the Witch, at first. I've warmed up to her now though and have even tried imitating her "Ha! Ha! Ha!" laugh.
In other news: My two bottom molars are through, I am learning sign language (see previous post) and I am learning more and more German. I love giving kisses to everyone except for Mama. She has to trick me and tell me that she has a "boo-boo" on her lip and then I will give her a kiss. Speaking of boo-boos, Mama can't quite figure out if I have a splinter on my big toe or a bug bite. It's a little swollen and she won't let me touch it. If it doesn't get better, it's off to the doctor I go. I will keep everyone posted. 


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