Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning Sign Language

We all know that I LOVE Dada's I-Pad. Mama recently downloaded a new app that her friend Kathy teaches me sign language. I love watching it and have learned most of the signs that were on the free app. I think that Mama and Dada need to buy the full version so that I can learn more words. Here are two videos of me signing. I am a little distracted because I am too busy playing on the I-pad. Heehee!
Here are also some updated pictures of me:

Watching Dada trim the hedges.

Just hanging out with Crosby.
Yes, that is my infant pacifier from the hospital...I found
it and have been using it again. Heehee!

Nakey Girl!

Snoozing in the big bed.
Note the cars on the blanket. I insisted on holding them until
I fell asleep. Cars are my new obsession!

Hmmm.....what shape is it?

I found a great spot for my shoes!

This was my first full week at daycare. I had a great time and have been enjoying Ms. Angi's cooking which included a steak fajita and salmon. She also gave me a German chocolate cookie when I was there by myself. I am now the only girl at daycare so I am the "Queen Bee" and Busy Bee Daycare!
I am looking forward to spending all weekend with Mama, Dada, and Courtney!

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