Friday, August 17, 2012

Carousel & Rock Climbing

Summer has officially come to an end....teacher workdays started again yesterday which means that I went back to daycare. On Wednesday we went to Carowinds for one final summer hurrah (I'm sure we will still go on the weekends) and yesterday we went back to the Whitewater Center to hang out and listen to some music.

Courtney came to Carowinds on Wednesday and we also met the Otto's and the Peterman's. Colleen and Michele don't go on roller coasters so they watched me while everyone else went on one and I went to Snoopy Land with them. Mama gave the okay for me to go on a ride as long as they took some pictures. Well....bummer for her because she left the memory stick in the computer and we missed the pictures of my first carousel ride. Luckily Courtney had her camera and I-phone so we re-enacted the carousel ride. :-)
Mama and me on the carousel
Checking out Snoopy.
I wasn't so sure about him.

I liked Woodstock better.
Courtney, Woodstock, and me.
Last night I had fun at the Whitewater Center. I explored the little climbing wall and enjoyed collecting rocks and bringing them back to Dada, the Otto's, Cara and Cary.
"How do I get up here?"

"Here I go!"

"Hi, Mama!"
Mama has been receiving emails from Shutterfly for 101 Free Prints. She finally ordered some and has been updating my photo album. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and pointing to everyone and having Mama tell me who it was.

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