Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Visiting Gammy and Pappy

Yesterday we came to Gammy and Pappy's. We've been very busy and have had lots of fun already.
Today I am 21 months old!
Current likes: talking (or at least trying to repeat what people say), visiting my grandparents, story time at the library, helping Mama with the laundry (I like to put the clothes into the dryer), going swimming, eating lots of fruit (espcially watermelon and blueberries), singing (there is a new "bumblebee song" that I like to sing along to), playing with instruments, mimicing adults (I pretended to put make-up on like Mama does the other day), saying "Bye Bye" and waving to everyone, calling "Dada" when I am done eating...he is the only person who is allowed to take me out of the high chair now. Gosh! I am sure the list could go on and on!
Current dislikes: Mama's big old camera! When I don't like want my picture taken I will grunt and squeal at her. I don't like sitting still. Going out to eat is getting harder and harder on Mama and Dada. What can I say? I like to be Miss Indepedent. I don't like to have things done for me. I always want to try them myself.
In other news: I am drooling like crazy.....maybe those molars are finally coming in?!? Mama has thought that for a while now. I can also point to my: belly button, nose, eyes, ears, chin, mouth. I am also learning to do this in German. Videos of both languages to follow soon.
Current vocabulary includes: Mama, Dada, Sidney, dogga (doggy), uh-oh, all gone, bye-bye, Pappy (Paapaa), Opa, ( I am working on Gammy and Oma) love you, arme hoch ("arms up" in German), bubbles, baby, hi, ball, danke ("thank you" in German), Tschüs ("Goodbye" in German), book, bad (when I point to Sidney), duck ( and more that Mama can't think of right now)

Here are the pictures from my visit to Gammy and Pappy's:
Reading "Office Buckle and Gloria" with Pappy and work.

Playing on my sit and spin.

Playing blocks with Gammy.

Enjoying some pool time with Mama.
That strainer made and awesome shower!

Smooches from Mama

Playing instruments with Gammy.

Skyping with Mallory (and Uncle Dave and Aunt Mica)

Visiting Nana. I had just woken up so I was a little grouchy.

I found a comfy chair at Nana's

Hi, Nana!
Today I went and surprised Uncle Dick at his Hair Gallery. I was his 12:00 appointment and boy oh boy was he surprised!
He showed me how to stick the comb
into my skirt.

It's hair cutting time!
I was such a good girl!

This time I got the back of my hair trimmed too!

We gave Uncle Dick a Pirates towel as a thank you gift.
A picture of me and my hair stylist.

Phew! Getting pampered makes you tired!
Pappy had to work late yesterday and he is at work today. Mama will take more pictures with him when he comes home so that we can post those too.
We are heading back to North Carolina tomorrow. It's been a very short but very fun trip!

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