Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sympathy Pain

Poor Dada's knee has been bothering him for quite a while. Last week he had Camp Invention all week so when he came home he would lay on the couch and ice his knee. Well, I kept trying to take the bag of ice so Mama made me my own small bag. I hopped on to the couch and iced my knee too! (Not for very long though because it was COLD!) I also wanted to be just like my Dada because while he was using his I-pad, I used Mama's I-touch. Heehee! I love my Dada and have been calling his name quite a bit lately. He is still the only person who is allowed to take me out of my high chair when I am "All Done".
Icing my knee.

Chillin' with Dada (no pun intended....ha ha)

Checking things on the I-touch while Dada checks his I-Pad.
Here are also some fun pictures from the last couple of days:
Eating some delicious Orea pudding that Mama made
with my buddy Zack.

Exploring in the Peterman's backyard.

More sweets! Yum!
Enjoying a cupcake with Corinne and Xavier.

I picked off all of the sprinkles first.

Xavier and I snuggling on the couch watching
"Sleeping Beauty"
Don't we look mischievious?

Enjoying the slide at Lilly's house.
Mama didn't get a picture of the
two of us together. Next time!
P.S. Dada will be going to the doctor's on Monday to get his knee checked out....until then, I'll be his support and ice my knee any time he wants! Love you, Dada!

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