Sunday, July 29, 2012

Swimming or Gymnastics?

Since the Olympics are on, this is an appropriate question. :-)Mallory and I enjoyed a night time swim in the hotel pool. I was even floating by myself again. Gammy, Aunt Mica, and Mama went swimming with us too.
On Saturday I went to gymnastics with Mallory. She goes every week and I was allowed to go as a guest. I was a little bit shy at first but then I went exploring. Mallory is quite the gymnast and enjoys the balance beam and the rings. She can hold on for a few seconds!
Here are some pictures from our swimming and gymnastics adventures.
Mama and Mallory.

I enjoyed jumping off the steps into the pool!
Mama and me!

Gammy enjoyed swimming with both of us.

Mallory and Aunt Mica.
Look at me floating all by myself!
Swimming is so much fun!

We walked back to the hotel room hand in hand.

I love my cousin Mallory!
Saturday morning, it was gymastics time. We went to a place called "The Little Gym". I enjoyed exploring all of the equipment and Mallory was a great helper and showed me what to do.
Mama and I join the group for circle time.

Mallory shows me where to go.

"Like this, Mallory?"

"Yay! I made it to the top!"

Taking a little break.

I really enjoyed the bubbles at the end of the class.
Thanks for going swimming with me, Mallory, and for inviting me to go to gymnastics with you. I had a great time. I love you and miss you already!!!

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