Sunday, July 22, 2012

Last Pictures from PA

Here is my final blog post from my trip to Pennsylvania with Mama. These are just a couple of random pictures......
The first couple are from Round Hill Park. Oma, Mama, Courtney and I went there to see the animals and splash in the water park. Too bad for us though because it started pouring down rain as soon as we got to the Splash Park. We didn't have a chance to go and see all of the animals. It looked very fun though and I definitely want to go back next time we visit.
The sheep were allowed to roam free!

Checking out the Splash Park.

Testing out the water.
Everytime I go to Oma and Opa's house I get to play with all of Mama and Aunt Michelle's toys that they played with when they were little girls. It's kindof funny because all of those Fisher Price toys are back in style and are now a "Vintage Toy" line of toys. Lucky for me I get to play with the real thing! Mama was looking at them in the store the other day and the record player now costs $36. 95! Oh....and the best thing of of the songs that it played was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!
DJ Ayla

"What song do you want to hear?"

A picture with my Opa and Opa.
Leah and Delaney drove down to see us on Friday morning. We played at the house for a little bit and then went to Century III Mall to eat at the food court and walk around. Mama took a couple of pictures at the mall.

On Friday afternoon we drove to Gammy and Pappy's. We spent the night there and then headed out early on Saturday morning to drive back home to Charlotte. We all know that I love Sidney and Crosby but sometimes they run away from me when I have played too much. Gammy and Pappy's dog, Lexie, loves me no matter what I do to her.....she is so awesome!!!
"Hi, Lexie! Remember me?"
"How about a big old hug?!?"

" nice to snuggle with you. I've missed you!"
Tomorrow Dada, Mama, and I are heading to Hilton Head beach for two days. I am pretty excited because I have never been to the ocean!!! Then it's back home for a day and we are heading up to Maryland to celebrate Mallory's second birthday. Stay tuned for lots more pictures and videos over the next couple of days.
Sending love and hugs to everyone!!!

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