Saturday, July 7, 2012

Keeping Cool

So I am not gonna's HOT in Charlotte! The temperatures have been reaching close to 100 degrees so Mama decided to get creative and try something new to keep cool. Yesterday we went to the Mall and played in the little kids area. It has a nice soft carpet and lots of Looney Toons characters that you can climb on. I wasn't shy and began to play right away! Of course, Mama took lots of pictures...
"Hmm....where do I begin?"

I made a new friend in the tunnel.

Checking out the sombrero.

"Hello, Daffy Duck!:

Having lots of fun!

"Oohh! I can climb on this sombrero!"
Today the whole family kept cool in the pool....
I am so stylish with my hat, sunglasses,
cover up and purse!
Ready for the pool with my new
swim floaties.

Dada and me in the big pool.

I got brave and would jump off the side into Mama's arms.
I jumped ino Dada's arms too!

I love the big pool now that I have my arm floaties.
Here are some videos from yesterday:
#1 - How do I get up on that white kitty?
#2 - Figuring out how to climb up.
#3 - Figuring out another way to climb up. :-)

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