Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hilton Head Island - Day 1

Mama, Dada, and I just got back from my first trip to the beach. We went to Hilton Head Island for two days and I LOVED it! I sure am a water baby and I was fearless when it came to the ocean. I went right in and loved running in and out of the water. Watch out Baywatch! Heehee!Of course Mama took a ton of pictures and here are just a select few from the first day there. 
Dada and I walked to check out the view of the ocean at the
hotel when we got there.

My first look at the ocean.
I look a little skeptical.

"Oooh...this is fun!"

"I think I'll just sit down."

Dada couldn't go all the way in the water because of his
knee, but I enjoyed playing with him and putting sand on
his feet.

Mama and I enjoyed splashing in the water too.

I've got my sand toys and I am ready to play!

"Here, I've got some sand!"

Mama and I ventured out a little bit.
We ducked down together and let the waves get us.
It was so much fun! come the waves!

Taking a little rest after all of that fun in the water.

Phew! The ocean sure does make you tired!

That first evening we went out to dinner at a place called "The Lodge". Mama and Dada had delicious hamburgers. We also took a stroll and saw some fun little shops. At the end of the night, Mama and Dada enjoyed a cocktail at the hotel.....I enjoyed some nice cold milk.
Cheers to a great first day at the beach!

My Dada and me!
Of course Mama was prepared with not only her two cameras but the Flip video camera as well. Here are the videos she took on the first day. Since I can't decide which ones to post, we'll just post them all. I'm pretty sure that my fans out there won't mind, right? :-)

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