Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Times with Cousin Mallory

Mama, Dada, and I just got home from a 3 day trip to visit Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and cousin Mallory. She turns 2 tomorrow so we went to celebrate her birthday this weekend. I LOVED spending time with her and we had soooooo much fun together!
Pappy had fun putting stickers on us.

Check out all of my stickers

Mallory had stickers all over too!

Aunt Mica was practicing back flips with us.

We snuggled together on the couch.....

.....and fell asleep for a short "sleepover"

We went to the Amish Market and Nana and I enjoyed
a snack together.

Mallory and I tested out a rocker with our Pappy.

Walking hand in hand with Pappy.

I enjoyed playing in Rooney's cage. Heehee!

"It's sticker time revenge, Pappy!"
"Beep, beep! Let me push  you, Mallory"
More pictures to follow.....

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