Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating July 4th

Mama, Dada, and I drove back from Pennsylvania yesterday. (It was nt quite as smooth driving home as it was driving there....I got a little restless and cried for quite a while....sorry!)
We got home around 3:30 so we rested for a bit and then headed out to the Whitewater Center to celebrate the Fourth of July and watch fireworks. We met the Peterman's there and hung out for a while until it was dark enough for the fireworks to begin.
We found a good spot and put down our blanket and chairs.

Hanging with the big kids!

We enjoyed some ice cream.

Corinne took this awesome picture of
me on her Mama's phone.

Two peas in a pod.
I was playing "Color Dots" on Mama's I-touch
and Corinne was playing "Temple Run" on her Mama's phone.

Corinne took me for a walk when I got a little restless waiting.

Watching the fireworks with the Petermans.
Photo courtesy of Colleen.
That's an AWESOME picture!

Ooohh! Aaaahhh!
Here are some videoes. The first one is of me playing in the grass. I kept on twirling and falling down on purpos. The next two are of my reaction to watching fireworks for the first time. The last video is Mama's favorite. I think her and Dada watched me more than the fireworks yesterday. :-)

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