Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby in a Box

Well, technically I am not a "baby", but it just fit better for the title of this blog. Yesterday my new bookcase for my room arrived. I enjoyed playing in the big box that it came in. (It's still in our living room right now....heehee!)
"Hi, Mama!"

Don't I look so cute with my new haircut?

"Excuse me, I am trying to read a book here."
 Yesterday, we surprised Dada at work. He is doing Camp Invention this week. Well, he surprised me because there was a kiddy pool filled with bubble solution there and Dada knew how to make gigantic bubbles!!!
"Ooh...let me try and catch it!"

I wanted to try too.
Mama and I have been going to the library every Tuesday and Wednesday for songs and story time. Today she checked out books for me for the first time. Yesterday we signed up for a summer reading program and I get prizes if I listen to books for a certain amount of minutes. It's going to be fun!
Looking so stylish in one of my
new outfits from my friend Charlie.

I had to plop right down and explore one of the books
that Mama checked out for me.

I also explored the computer even though I really didn't
know what I was doing. I sure do like to play with the
mouse though!
Today I got to Skype with Aunt Michelle, Kai, and Nora. I even said Kai's name several times and kept giving everybody kisses through the computer. We love and miss you very much!!!

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