Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mallory's Party

Here are some pictures from Mallory's birthday party. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed the yummy food and playing with all of the kids that were there!
The birthday girl!

I enjoyed some fresh fruit with Pappy.

Mama made Elmo cupcakes for
Mallory. Her theme was
Sesame Street and she loves Elmo.

Make a wish!

I played on Mallory's big teddy bear.

All of the kids playing.

I got into Rooney's cage again! Gianna was in there too!

I got presents too! Thanks Great Uncle Dan and Great Aunt Kathy!

Here's Mallory opening her present from me (and Mama and Dada)

She liked the books....

....and we both liked the puzzle.

Giving Nana kisses goodbye!

Lounging on Lexie at the hotel.

She makes a GREAT pillow! I miss you, Lexie!

I hope you have a  very Happy Birthday tomorrow, Mallory!!!

Swimming or Gymnastics?

Since the Olympics are on, this is an appropriate question. :-)Mallory and I enjoyed a night time swim in the hotel pool. I was even floating by myself again. Gammy, Aunt Mica, and Mama went swimming with us too.
On Saturday I went to gymnastics with Mallory. She goes every week and I was allowed to go as a guest. I was a little bit shy at first but then I went exploring. Mallory is quite the gymnast and enjoys the balance beam and the rings. She can hold on for a few seconds!
Here are some pictures from our swimming and gymnastics adventures.
Mama and Mallory.

I enjoyed jumping off the steps into the pool!
Mama and me!

Gammy enjoyed swimming with both of us.

Mallory and Aunt Mica.
Look at me floating all by myself!
Swimming is so much fun!

We walked back to the hotel room hand in hand.

I love my cousin Mallory!
Saturday morning, it was gymastics time. We went to a place called "The Little Gym". I enjoyed exploring all of the equipment and Mallory was a great helper and showed me what to do.
Mama and I join the group for circle time.

Mallory shows me where to go.

"Like this, Mallory?"

"Yay! I made it to the top!"

Taking a little break.

I really enjoyed the bubbles at the end of the class.
Thanks for going swimming with me, Mallory, and for inviting me to go to gymnastics with you. I had a great time. I love you and miss you already!!!

Fun Times with Cousin Mallory

Mama, Dada, and I just got home from a 3 day trip to visit Uncle Dave, Aunt Mica, and cousin Mallory. She turns 2 tomorrow so we went to celebrate her birthday this weekend. I LOVED spending time with her and we had soooooo much fun together!
Pappy had fun putting stickers on us.

Check out all of my stickers

Mallory had stickers all over too!

Aunt Mica was practicing back flips with us.

We snuggled together on the couch.....

.....and fell asleep for a short "sleepover"

We went to the Amish Market and Nana and I enjoyed
a snack together.

Mallory and I tested out a rocker with our Pappy.

Walking hand in hand with Pappy.

I enjoyed playing in Rooney's cage. Heehee!

"It's sticker time revenge, Pappy!"
"Beep, beep! Let me push  you, Mallory"
More pictures to follow.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hilton Head Island - Day 2

Day two at Hilton Head was also a lot of fun! We started the day off by going to eat breakfast at Stack's Pancakes and then headed to the beach for a few hours. Once again I enjoyed the water and putting sand on Dada's feet. I was a lot braver on day two and would run into the ocean and then flop down and sit. Well one time I sat down and didn't realize the next wave was coming and it went over my head.....completely! Guess what though, I wasn't fazed at all! You would think that would have slowed me down but I kept right on playing. I love, love, love the water!
"Hi, Dada, let me put some sand on your feet."

Taking a break to do some mind puzzles with Dada.

This was our beach set up.

The hotel had a nice pool that I got to enjoy.
Here I am in the Kiddy pool.
 I am becoming quite the swimmer now! If I have on my swim floaties, I am able to float all by myself in the big pool. Of course Mama and Dada are always right there to catch me, but I am able to stay up for a little while. I also know to kick my legs to try to move.
Just hanging out at the pool.
 We went to eat dinner at a place called "Up the Creek". On our way back, Mama saw people standing on this little bridge pointing at something. She told Dada that she thinks she saw an alligator! Well, Dada loved alligators and has always wanted to see one (that's not in the zoo) so he turned the car around, parked it, and we walk to the bridge to see. Sure enough....there was an alligator in the water!
Hello, Mr. Alligator!

I look a little bit frightened.

Dada was there to keep me safe!

One more picture of our alligator friend.
After dinner we enjoyed a stroll on the beach. It was low tide so I was able to run around near the water. Mama wrote my name in the sand and then I walked around the beach pretending to write in the sand too!
Walking on the beach with Mama.

It was very windy!

"Hey! That's my name!"

Check out my tan lines!

Bath time is fun no matter where you are!
Here are a few more videos from our vacation adventures.