Saturday, June 16, 2012

Whitewater Center

Today was another fun day. I woke up pretty early again...7:00. Mama decided to go on a nice long walk with me since it wasn't too hot outside yet. We walked through our neighborhood for an hour and I loved it! We also went to the pool this afternoon (no pictures this time...I know! Shocker). I sat on the steps in the big pool and played with the water toys that Mama had packed. We concluded our day at the Whitewater Center. We walked around and watched some of the people whitewater rafting and enjoyed eating dinner there.
Kisses for Sidney this morning!

Mama and Dada bought me the Chobani Greek yogurt for kids.
It was delicious!!!

I enjoyed watching the people whitewater rafting.

A picture with Dada

A picture with Mama.

Mama is one smart lady and always packs yummy fruit
for me when we go out. I really enjoyed my grapes and
watermelon.  Yum yum!
Tomorrow is Father's Day. We are taking Dada to brunch at the Flying Saucer and today Mama made a peanut butter cheesecake with a brownie crust....I can't wait to try that tomorrow! Pictures to follow. :-)

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