Tuesday, June 12, 2012

There's an App. for that!

Dada downloaded this awesome Shape App. on his I-Pad a few weeks ago. A couple of nights ago, I enjoyed trying to match up my shapes with Dada. After you get a certain amount of matches, it automatically takes you to the next game which is a puzzle. I don't like that one but I quickly figured out that there is a back button. I am one smart cookie! ;-)

Can I match the shape?

Thanks for playing with me Dada!
Today is Mama and Dada's official first day of summer vacation. That means I will me staying home with them all day! Yay! That also means Mama will have lots of time to take pictures....and pictures mean new blogs! Heehee!
This was me today...

Hi, Mama! My toy box is a good hangout.

Hello?!? Is anybody there?
Tomorrow Mama and I are going to try and go to the library for story time. Yay for summer!

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