Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Friend Aubrey

Today Mama, Dada, and I drove up to Statesville to hang out with my friend Aubrey and her Mama and Dada. They have a big pool in their backyard. I didn't like it at first but then I started to warm up to it. We also enjoyed playing in the little pool, playing in her little house, eating outside, and playing with some fun toys inside. It was a great day!
Aubrey and me.

"Hey! We have matching hats!"

Enjoying some delicious fruit.

Splashing in the little pool.

Play time in the house!

"Hello! Come on in and join us!"

The Mamas and their girls

Baby swap!

Weeee! Mama was throwing me up in the air
and catching me.

Cooking up some yummy food
in Aubrey's kitchen.

The Dadas and their girls.

Looking stylish with Aubrey's purse.
I had so much fun today! Thanks for inviting us over. I can't wait until our next play date!

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