Friday, June 22, 2012

More Pictures! More Fun!

Oh, Mama! She needs a job as a paparazzi photographer....she's taking so many pictures it's hard to keep up with the blog...heehee! Here are some more from our summer time adventures:
Enjoying a snack at the pool with my daycare friend, Erik.

Peanut butter face!
Snack in a box...heehee!

Hanging out at the Otto's kiddy pool.
It had a step for me to sit on!

Michele and me.

My new dogga friend, Trista.

Let me give you a smooch, Trista!

We met my daycare friends at McDonald's today.

I went down the slide all by myself!
Oh yeah, Mama had to climb in and show me the first time!

William and me.

My very first Happy Meal....what's in there?

I ate it all: 4 nuggets, small fries, and apple slices

Here is a video of me going down the slide all by myself at McDonald's today:
Here is another video. This one was of me at the Gastonia Grizzlies baseball game. I'm telling you, Mama is such a paparazzi queen she can't keep up! Heehee! She forgot to post this in the last blog.

Tomorrow's adventures: Some summer time fun with the Mehall's.

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