Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lots of Pictures! Lots of Fun!

Mama has taken lots of pictures these past few days because we have had lots of fun!
Lots of fun taking silly self portraits with Mama:
Check out those cheekers!
You're so silly, Mama!
Lots of fun in the police car shopping cart at Bilo:
Scout came along this time. I needed a police dog.
"Are you buckled in, Scout?"
Cruising right along.
Lots of fun with Scout at home:
"Let me buckle you in, Scout."
I made Scout look stylish....
thanks to Dada's help.
Kisses for Scout!
Lots of fun at my first baseball game (The Gastonia Grizzlies):
Mama and I looking good in our shades!
Dada and me. I got a whole bag of chips for myself!
My new friend, Xavier, and me.
Xavier, Corinne, and me.
Dada works with their Mama and we met their
family for the baseball game.
Corinne and me.
Lots of fun at story time at the library:
I actually got brave today and walked up to play with
the bubbles!
Reaching for the bubbles!
Lots of fun at the pool:
Enjoying some grapes at the pool today
I got brave and sat in the pool today.
I also took a nose dive and went completely underwater.
I was brave though and only cried for about 30 seconds!
Lots of fun with Dada and P90X:
"Hey, Dada, need some help with your leg scissors?"

"Like this, Dada?"
Oh, what fun Summer Time is!!!
P.S. "Alles gute zum Geburtstag Uroma!"

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