Sunday, June 3, 2012

20 Months Old!

Wow! I am 20 months old today! Can you believe it?
Current likes: I love to be outside. I'll even bring Mama and Dada their shoes so they know that I want to go outside. I like to go swimming (I can't wait to go back to Carowinds). Lately, I think it is fun for Mama to put my hair clips on Crosby (see picture below), and my usual likes from the past.
Current dislikes: hearing the word "no", rainy days when I can't go outside
In other news: This past weekend I had my first stomach was miserable!! Mama and Dada were sick too, so you can only imagine.We are all starting to feel a little better now.
Current new words include: Sidney, beep beep, sorry
I also like to point to my: belly button, nose and mouth.

I'm sure there is more to report, but like I said we are all recovering from the stomach bug. Here are some pictures from this past weekend. Mama managed to take some even though we were sick. It came in phases for us. I got sick Friday at daycare (Mama thought that I wasn't acting myself that morning but I didn't have a fever so she went to work), but seemed fine for the rest of the day until evening. Saturday was when it hit all of us and then Sunday was recovery mode!

I tried my first homemade popsicle on Friday

I ate it like it was corn on the cob. Heehee!

Oh yeah! I love to put on Mama and
Dada's shoes

Oh so stylish

Not feeling so hot

Eating Pizza in my diaper and on the couch.
(I didn't really eat much because I wasn't feeling good)

Crosby is so stylish with my hair barrette!

Wearing my Marine shirt from Pappy.

U.S. Marine in training
Here are two videos of me. The first one is of me eating my popsicle and the second one is of me eating saltine crackers and drinking water. Being sick sure does take a lot out of you! Whew!

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