Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jetton Park & Fountain Fun!

Today was such a fun day! Mama, Aunt Mica, Mallory and I went to Jetton Park to enjoy a picnic and the lake. Afterwards we stopped at Birkdale Village and ate some frozen yogurt and then enjoyed the AWESOME fountain that they have there. Here are pictures from our day....
I braved the tunnel at the park!
Mallory went through the tunnel too!
She was quick!

Aunt Mica and Mallory
at Jetton Park.

Mama and me at the park.

We ate lunch on a deck that faced Lake Norman.

It was fun eating outside.
We then took a stroll around the whole park. We stopped at the little beach to put our toes in the water. I ended up doing a nose dive and putting my whole body in the water. Oopsie! I only cried a little bit.
Aunt Mica, Mallory and me heading to the lake.

A view of me and Lake Norman.
 On the way home we stopped at Birkdale and enjoyed some frozen yogurt and splashing in the fountain.
Woah! What is this???

Ohhh....O.K. This looks fun!

Mallory enjoyed it too, even though she didn't go too
close to the sprinklers.


Hi Mama! This is fun!

I even sat down and took my shoes off.

Snuggling in our towels.
Here are some fun videos of us playing at the fountain. That really has be to an "at least once a month" event this summer!

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