Friday, May 4, 2012

19 Months Old

I turned 19 months old yesterday! Can you believe it?
Current likes: walking home from daycare and stopping to wave at EVERY car, going to the diner with Mama and Dada on Saturday mornings, cuddling with Mama in the big bed before bedtime, playing outside, choosing a toy to take with me when we go in the car (I usually pick Scout), standing in my high chair (when I am ready to get out, I am ready!), throwing things from my high chair and saying, "uh oh", putting the clothes in the dryer when Mama does laundry, I still love walking my baby stroller around the house, ringing the doorbell, giving "cheers"....I'm sure there are more but that's all I can think of at the moment. :)
Current dislikes: I really don't like it when Mama or Dada give me a sippy cup that does not fit into my cup holder on my high chair (I think they need to buy me some new ones that do!), hearing the word, "no" when I don't want to, and sharing my food with Mama - I will share with everybody except her....sorry Mama! :)
In other news: Let me try to think of my current words: mama, dada, dogga, doorbell, uh oh, all gone, sorry (even though it's kindof mumbled), bubbles, (and Gammy taught me Pappy "paa-paa" today).
Gammy is visiting for a month. She arrived on Wednesday and we enjoyed spending the day together yesterday and today. Yesterday we went for a long walk, played with all of my toys, ate yummy treats, and went to eat Mexican where I got to try fried ice cream. Yum! Yum!

Oh, I have also made the association of when Mama comes home, it's snack time. Probably because when she comes home from work she is always hungry and eats a snack, so of course I want to join her. It's a given that my "current like" includes eating. Heehee!
Goldfish and grapes. Yum!

I enjoyed some playtime in my tent in my room.

"Hey, there's a window!"

So Mama wanted a snack and went and got some vegetable chips (I love the ones from the Aldi!). Well, I decided to take the bowl for myself....and if you remember, I don't share with Mama.
Crunch, Crunch...these are delicious!

These are all for me....

.....let me scoot back and hide in the tent with my chips....

.....yum! yum!

So this is what happens when Mama takes one, yes one,chip
from my bowl. Boy, was I mad!

Here is also a picture of my suntanned feet.
The weather has been gorgeous and we were on a long walk.

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