Monday, April 16, 2012

Where's my nose?

I recently started pointing to my nose when someone askes me to. I also like to point to everyone else's nose as well (I even point to Sidney and Crosby's nose). Here is a video of me with my Dada. Apparently, I didn't want to point to Mama's nose. :)

Here is also a short video of me giggling today. Mama thinks that it's the best sound in the whole wide world!

Last week it was back to reality and Spring Break was over. Mama and Dada went back to work and I went to daycare all week. I was sooooo tired on Friday that I decided to make myself a comfy little bed right on the living room floor and took a little snooze.

I was so tired I didn't even make it to the pillow!

I did get the blanket though!

On Saturday, we went to my friend Lilly's birthday party. I played outside with a big ball (kindof like the one I have at home).
Woah! The ball is rolling away!

Hello! Could you put the camera away and get the ball, please.

The ball was really bouncy!

Dada and me!

On a side note: My current favorite word is "uh oh!". Today I dropped my sippy cup on purpose just so that I could say "uh oh". I'm sure Mama will try to capture that on video soon too. ;-)

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