Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visiting Oma and Opa - Part 2

As promised, here is "Visiting Oma and Opa - Part 2". Mama took so many good pictures that it was hard to decide which ones to post. Here are just a few more...
Oma and me. The "shirt" that I am wearing is actually a dress
that once belonged to Aunt Michelle and Mama.

Playing outside on my new horsie from Great Aunt Donna.
This is my "there is sun in my eyes" look.

Cousin Paulette came over to meet me. We had lots of fun!

I loved playing with bubbles inside!

Here I am with my Great Aunt Donna! :)

Oma and Opa bought me this dress. It came with a matching
pink coat (I am wearing it in the horsie picture)

Don't you want to smooch those cheeks?

Oma and Opa also got me this hat.
I love it! I like to wear it all of the
time now!

Mama loves my profile

"Hi, Oma! Come outside and play!"

"That way I can give you smooches!"

A picture with Oma and Opa.
Mama tried to capture me singing "Twinkle Twinkle" With a little imagination, you can definitely hear it. :)

She also took a video of me eating watermelon. I mentioned in my 18 month post that I really like it.
I also need to add to my 18 month stats that I like to say "uh oh", "all gone" ("aw ga" when my food is gone) and "bad" (pointing to Sidney with one figure in the air). She really is a good dog, but sometimes she doesn't want to play when I do, so I tell her "bad". Well more like "ba!" Here is the video of me enjoying some watermelon:

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