Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visiting Oma and Opa - Part 1

As promised, here are more pictures from my visit to Pennsylvania. Mama and I left early Friday morning. I did not have my own seat on the plane, but while we were waiting for everyone else to get on (we got to board first. I guess that's a perk of traveling with a wiggly todder!) I got to look out the window. I also quickly learned how to fasten the seat belt buckle. I would fasten it and Mama would unfasten it. It became a fun game. Good thing too, because on our second flight we were delayed for an hour due to mechanical problems. I was content playing with my seatbelt and walking up and down the aisle. The stewardess even let us use the demonstration seat belt during the flight so that I could continue playing. :)
What's' going on out there?

Oh yeah...I also kept busy playing on Mama's I-pod.
One of my favorite things to eat at Oma and Opa's was the homemade ice cream! Oma got an ice cream maker for her birthday from Sam and Tabitha. YUMMY! First, I got to test out some vanilla ice cream. Being "Ms. Independent" I had to feed myself.
Ohh...good stuff!!!
We tried to take a picture sitting on the steps, like they did with Kai. I was a little bit of a wiggle worm!
It was such a nice day when we got there that we decided to go to the park. I LOVED the slides. I went down with Oma and I went down several times on my own. we go!
On Saturday, Mama's best friends in the world came over....Tara and Toni. They also brought Dani and JaLaya. We had a great time playing with all kinds of toys. I had new toys that I got from Great Aunt Donna and from Tara, but Oma also got out Mama and Aunt Michelle's old Fisher Price toys. Did you know that they didn't need batteries way back then?!? Heehee!
Dani, JaLaya, and me

The whole crew - Toni and Dani, Tara and JaLaya
and Mama and me.

Just because. :)
Oma made chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips in it. We got to eat some straight out of the ice cream maker.
Later on, I tried my first ice cream cone. Oh what a mess! I think I had chocolate up my nose! It was so delicious though.
More pictures will be posted on "Visiting Oma and Opa - part 2". We all know how many pictures Mama takes!! Heehee!  Here is one video of me on the plane, buckling the seat belt:
I love and miss everyone back in Pennsylvania! Thanks for a great visit!

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