Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pizza Pizza

Tonight was a "girl's night" with Mama. Dada had to help out with his school's play and Mama and I got to hang out. She made us a delicious dinner of homemade calzones.....YUMMY! I did share some with Sidney. Then it was bathtime and boy oh boy, was I in a happy mood. Mama snapped some good smiley pictures of me. She also captured my "cheers" on video today. Take note of how I give a contented sigh after I drink...Dada taught me that. :)
Our delicious dinner. One for Mama and one for me!


Contemplating on whether or not to share with Sidney.

Sure...why not?

Oh! Mama loves my cheeks!
She does call me her "chunka munka!"

Loving bath time.

Check out the dimples and those long lashes.
Cheers to all!

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