Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picture Perfect

Mama and Dada have been busy with home improvement projects. A couple of weeks ago Dada painted their bedroom and they got new bedroom furniture. By the way, I still LOVE snuggling in the big bed. Over Spring Break, Dada painted the hallway. It was quite the project because the ceiling is VERY high. He did an excellent job and Mama and Dada ordered pictures from Shutterfly to hang on the freshly painted wall. Of course, almost every picture is of me! :)
The view when walking down the stairs

Our photo collage
 Mama and Dada's friends, Leah, Bryce, and baby Delaney are in town for a couple of days. On Friday, we enjoyed a stroll through the neighborhood with Leah and Delaney & Courtney and Trey.
Neighborhood babies reunited!
 On Saturday, my daycare friend Kaitlyn has a birthday party at her house. Mama and I went to celebrate with her.
The birthday girl and I in the sandbox.

Mmm...I enjoyed a juice box.

Playing with my daycare buddy William.

We even shared the lawn mower.
It was a fun weekend, and of course, it went by way too fast again. Tomorrow evening Leah, Bryce and Delaney are coming over for a bit so I am sure Mama will take lots of pictures for a new blog. ;-)

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