Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Pappy & First Haircut!!

Mama and I have been in Pennsylvania since Friday for some of our Spring Break (that's a whole other post...or two..). Today we surprised Pappy at work for his birthday. That's the second year in a row that we were able to pull off the suprise. Heehee! Oma, Mama, and I met Gammy outside of the police station and then went in to surprise him...and boy oh boy surprised he was!
Pappy and Me!

Pappy, Gammy, Oma and Me. We missed you Opa! He had to work.

A picture with Gammy and Oma!

Lounging outside at Gammy and Pappy's
Ok....big news!!! I got my FIRST haircut and the best thing about it was that my Great Uncle Dick cut my hair. What a special memory! (It was not planned but he came over to celebrate Pappy's birthday along with Great Aunt Laura and Great Aunt Gerri.)I sat on Mama's lap and ate a cookie, but I was super well behaved. I didn't cry at all. Great Uncle Dick even let me play with the comb before he used it. I look even cuter now then I did before and I didn't even know that was possible! Heehee!
Ok....here we go...

Snip! Snip!

Thank you, Great Uncle Dick!
Here I am with Great Aunt Laura and Great Aunt Gerri.

Check out my bangs!

Me and the birthday boy!!!

Sharing some Birthday cake...Yummy!

Today is also my "18 month" birthday.

Current likes: eating (of course) but I have taken a real liking to watermelon lately, mimicing everything I see (Mallory taught me "uh-oh" today while we skyped), bath time, going down the slide at the park (by myself), singing (well really humming), and of couse Doggas (doggies) and any kind of animal really.
Dislikes: The word "no" when I don't want to hear it. I can really throw a tantrum now! Heehee!
In other news: Same old, same old. I can't think of anything right now. :)

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