Monday, April 23, 2012

Hanging with the Dellingers

As promised, Mama took pictures tonight while we hung out with the Dellingers. We had lots of fun and wish that they didn't live so far away so that we could hang out more often. I enjoyed doing "cheers" with Leah and Bryce and showing off all of my toys. Delaney and I didn't play too much but we sure did rock the polka dot look together!
Meet Delaney!

Trying to get us both to look at the camera was hard.
Leah and Bryce do have a trick of saying "Cuckoo!"

Helping Delaney open up some presents.

A picture with the Mama's!

"Hey girl! Looking good in those polka dots!"

A picture with the Dada's.

One more picture with the Dada's.

Thanks for coming to visit and hang out with us. It was great seeing you and meeting Delaney. Hopefully we'll get together again this summer!! Love and miss you!

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