Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Shoes to Fill!

Today I wanted to be just like my Mama. She left her shoes in the living room so I decided to put them on and walk around....I have big shoes to fill!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hanging with the Dellingers

As promised, Mama took pictures tonight while we hung out with the Dellingers. We had lots of fun and wish that they didn't live so far away so that we could hang out more often. I enjoyed doing "cheers" with Leah and Bryce and showing off all of my toys. Delaney and I didn't play too much but we sure did rock the polka dot look together!
Meet Delaney!

Trying to get us both to look at the camera was hard.
Leah and Bryce do have a trick of saying "Cuckoo!"

Helping Delaney open up some presents.

A picture with the Mama's!

"Hey girl! Looking good in those polka dots!"

A picture with the Dada's.

One more picture with the Dada's.

Thanks for coming to visit and hang out with us. It was great seeing you and meeting Delaney. Hopefully we'll get together again this summer!! Love and miss you!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picture Perfect

Mama and Dada have been busy with home improvement projects. A couple of weeks ago Dada painted their bedroom and they got new bedroom furniture. By the way, I still LOVE snuggling in the big bed. Over Spring Break, Dada painted the hallway. It was quite the project because the ceiling is VERY high. He did an excellent job and Mama and Dada ordered pictures from Shutterfly to hang on the freshly painted wall. Of course, almost every picture is of me! :)
The view when walking down the stairs

Our photo collage
 Mama and Dada's friends, Leah, Bryce, and baby Delaney are in town for a couple of days. On Friday, we enjoyed a stroll through the neighborhood with Leah and Delaney & Courtney and Trey.
Neighborhood babies reunited!
 On Saturday, my daycare friend Kaitlyn has a birthday party at her house. Mama and I went to celebrate with her.
The birthday girl and I in the sandbox.

Mmm...I enjoyed a juice box.

Playing with my daycare buddy William.

We even shared the lawn mower.
It was a fun weekend, and of course, it went by way too fast again. Tomorrow evening Leah, Bryce and Delaney are coming over for a bit so I am sure Mama will take lots of pictures for a new blog. ;-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pizza Pizza

Tonight was a "girl's night" with Mama. Dada had to help out with his school's play and Mama and I got to hang out. She made us a delicious dinner of homemade calzones.....YUMMY! I did share some with Sidney. Then it was bathtime and boy oh boy, was I in a happy mood. Mama snapped some good smiley pictures of me. She also captured my "cheers" on video today. Take note of how I give a contented sigh after I drink...Dada taught me that. :)
Our delicious dinner. One for Mama and one for me!


Contemplating on whether or not to share with Sidney.

Sure...why not?

Oh! Mama loves my cheeks!
She does call me her "chunka munka!"

Loving bath time.

Check out the dimples and those long lashes.
Cheers to all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where's my nose?

I recently started pointing to my nose when someone askes me to. I also like to point to everyone else's nose as well (I even point to Sidney and Crosby's nose). Here is a video of me with my Dada. Apparently, I didn't want to point to Mama's nose. :)

Here is also a short video of me giggling today. Mama thinks that it's the best sound in the whole wide world!

Last week it was back to reality and Spring Break was over. Mama and Dada went back to work and I went to daycare all week. I was sooooo tired on Friday that I decided to make myself a comfy little bed right on the living room floor and took a little snooze.

I was so tired I didn't even make it to the pillow!

I did get the blanket though!

On Saturday, we went to my friend Lilly's birthday party. I played outside with a big ball (kindof like the one I have at home).
Woah! The ball is rolling away!

Hello! Could you put the camera away and get the ball, please.

The ball was really bouncy!

Dada and me!

On a side note: My current favorite word is "uh oh!". Today I dropped my sippy cup on purpose just so that I could say "uh oh". I'm sure Mama will try to capture that on video soon too. ;-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

18 Months Stats

Today I had my 18 Month well check with Dr. Malta. Oh my!!! It was not fun for me or for Mama! The second the nurse called me back to get weighed, the tears started....and they did not stop the ENTIRE time. I must have a pretty good memory because I remember that place, and that place means it's time for shots....and I got four of them today. least I don't have to go back again until I am 2.
Current weight: 25 lbs. 6 oz. That puts me in the 65%
Current height: 33.5 inches! That's the 92%. Who do I get my height from?

On a brighter note, here are some silly pictures of me from yesterday and today. Yesterday I decided to give my hair a little "conditioning treatment" with my grapes. Mama was busy doing the dishes while I ate, so I decided to give myself a little spa treatment. I wonder if my stylist, Great Uncle Dick, would approve?

I have to smoosh them right in the middle of my forehead. even sticks to my head!

What, Mama? Would you like a "grape conditioning
treatment" too? No problem! :-)
 Today I showed of my band-aides from my doctor's appointment...bottoms up!
This is a position that I try quite often. I think that pretty soon I will actually be able to do a somersault. I've got good form, don't you think?
Oh silly, silly me! Sending love to everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! Mama, Dada, and I had a great day. Here is a recap of my day:
Mmmm...brunch! I ate pancakes and some potatoes.

Here I am in my Easter outfit
from Gammy and Pappy.

Easter basket time! What is in here???

Oohhh....these things open and there are treats inside!
 I learned quickly that all of the eggs contained treats. My first surprise was Cheez-it crackers and I ate them right away. Next, some multi-grain cheerios. I ate some but then got curious to see what was in the other eggs. I was sooo happy when there were frosted animal crackers. I quickly ate them and searched for more eggs that had animal crackers in them. The best egg was the jelly beans though! Yum! Yum! I also got a new book, sidewalk chalk and a big pink ball. Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, Kai and ??? also sent me some treats from Germany. Thank you! I also got a card from Oma and Opa in the mail. Thanks! :)

I also got to Skype with Gammy, Pappy, Nana, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Guenni, Kai, Oma and Opa today!
Yes...I think I like these jelly beans.

Having so much fun with my new pink ball!

Easter picture with Mama.
As you can see by my expression, I was not in the
picture taking mood.

There is a little smile!

Playing with my new sidewalk chalk! So fun!
Dada and me!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Visiting Oma and Opa - Part 2

As promised, here is "Visiting Oma and Opa - Part 2". Mama took so many good pictures that it was hard to decide which ones to post. Here are just a few more...
Oma and me. The "shirt" that I am wearing is actually a dress
that once belonged to Aunt Michelle and Mama.

Playing outside on my new horsie from Great Aunt Donna.
This is my "there is sun in my eyes" look.

Cousin Paulette came over to meet me. We had lots of fun!

I loved playing with bubbles inside!

Here I am with my Great Aunt Donna! :)

Oma and Opa bought me this dress. It came with a matching
pink coat (I am wearing it in the horsie picture)

Don't you want to smooch those cheeks?

Oma and Opa also got me this hat.
I love it! I like to wear it all of the
time now!

Mama loves my profile

"Hi, Oma! Come outside and play!"

"That way I can give you smooches!"

A picture with Oma and Opa.
Mama tried to capture me singing "Twinkle Twinkle" With a little imagination, you can definitely hear it. :)

She also took a video of me eating watermelon. I mentioned in my 18 month post that I really like it.
I also need to add to my 18 month stats that I like to say "uh oh", "all gone" ("aw ga" when my food is gone) and "bad" (pointing to Sidney with one figure in the air). She really is a good dog, but sometimes she doesn't want to play when I do, so I tell her "bad". Well more like "ba!" Here is the video of me enjoying some watermelon: