Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Dada and Pappy are Spartans

Dada and Pappy participated in the "Spartan Run" at the Whitewater center today. It's a crazy race/obstacle course. Check out the link to watch a youtube video of what they did today:

Gammy, Mama, and I decided to meet them at the finish line to congratulate them. Before we left I made a sign (well....really Mama did, but I would have made it if I could have!)

Yay, Dada and Pappy! I love you!

A view at theWhitewater Center

Gammy and me!

Here I am with a spartan statue

We had a to wait for a while, so I took a little snooze!

Mama captured a picture of Pappy at the end of the course.
We somehow missed Dada. Sorry, Dada!

The weather got really hot, so Mama took of my sweatshirt
and my pants. I got to enjoy some goldfish crackers while
we waited.

Here are my two favorite Spartans!
I am very proud of you Dada and Pappy and love you very much!!!

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