Saturday, March 3, 2012

17 Months Old!!!

I am 17 months old today! Can you believe it?!?
Current likes: brushing my teeth, "singing" Twinke Twinke Little Star (Mama has yet to catch that on video...I get shy), sleeping in the King sized bed, going to Shuffletown Diner on Saturday mornings (I usually see my daycare friends Kaitlyn and William there), giving "cheers" (Dada taught me that one...Mama will take a video of that soon too), playing with Dada's bottle cap collection, feeding myself with a spoon and fork (Mama is NOT allowed to feed me anymore but really I am very good at it) and of course I love my Sidney and my Crosby.
Current dislikes: Let's just say that I am perfecting the temper tantrum when things don't go my way....I know how to turn on that pouty face and cry. Heehee!
In other news: Those top two teeth are finally starting to poke through! I am pointing to things that I want. For example: we went out to eat, and when I wanted my milk, I would point to it. I can also understand simple directions like "Go give Sidbear a kiss. Go give kitty cat a kiss." etc.
Here are some fun pictures and videos from today....very current. :-)

Where's Ayla?
Oh so comfy taking my nap in Mama and Dada's bed.

Sweet dreams!
 Mama went and got her haircut today. Doesn't she look pretty? :-)
I however look grouchy. This was right before one of my
little tantrums.
 Mama bought this silly butterfly headband at Target today. Remember the bunny ears from last year? Well, she wanted another photo opportunity. I wasn't really feeling it. :-)
Is this how I wear them, Mama?

Get these off of my head, please!

Video fun.....oh yeah! I actually LIKE taking my medicine now. Too bad I'll be done with it on Monday. I just sip it down and even give a contented sigh afterwards. :)

The second one shows how much I love Sidney and Crosby. I got some Sidney smooches right in the mouth!!! Good thing I love to brush my teeth. :-)

Oh...and while Mama was patiently waiting for the videos to upload I got into this shenanigan....

Hi! Is Sidney's food and water NOT a toy?!?!

It feels so good!

Oooh so squishy!
I was only trying to help Sidney. Pre-soaking the food makes it easier to digest. Here I am feeding it to her....

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