Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gammy & Pappy Visit

Here are just a few more pictures from my weekend with Gammy and Pappy. We went out to eat at TacoMac on Thursday night. Gammy had a coloring book with crayons and stickers! So much fun!!
Testing out the princess stickers

Check out that concentration!
 They brought their dog, Lexi, again. She is so gentle and lets me give her lots of kisses. I think she knows that if she is nice to me, I will be nice to her in return. She got LOTS of yummy treats from me this weekend. Heehee!
Hi Lexi!

Smooches for you!
We had a great weekend and I miss you already! Love you lots!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Dada and Pappy are Spartans

Dada and Pappy participated in the "Spartan Run" at the Whitewater center today. It's a crazy race/obstacle course. Check out the link to watch a youtube video of what they did today:

Gammy, Mama, and I decided to meet them at the finish line to congratulate them. Before we left I made a sign (well....really Mama did, but I would have made it if I could have!)

Yay, Dada and Pappy! I love you!

A view at theWhitewater Center

Gammy and me!

Here I am with a spartan statue

We had a to wait for a while, so I took a little snooze!

Mama captured a picture of Pappy at the end of the course.
We somehow missed Dada. Sorry, Dada!

The weather got really hot, so Mama took of my sweatshirt
and my pants. I got to enjoy some goldfish crackers while
we waited.

Here are my two favorite Spartans!
I am very proud of you Dada and Pappy and love you very much!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun with Carson

Yesterday we hung out with the Brang's. Mama and I went to their house for a play date with Carson and the Dada's went out to TacoMac for their own "play date". We had lots of fun...
I had to look pretty for my buddy Carson.
My Uroma made this sweater for me.

Sharing some goldfish with Carson
Mama and Ingrid were busy in the kitchen all day while we played. Mama taught Ingrid how to make pepperoni bread and they made cake pops in Mama's cake pop maker. I was a big girl and sat at the table to eat. Carson also let me have some of the fresh fruit at their house. Who knew that I like watermelon so much? Yum!
This, however, is NOT fresh fruit.
Yes, I shoved the ENTIRE cake pop in my mouth!

Check out those cheeks!!

Carson ate his in small bites...

...that is why he is able to smile in this picture and I am not.
 After eating, we did a little bit of art on Carson's awesome easel.
Check out that concentration!

Our beautiful art work.
 Next it was off to play on the slide and swing...that is inside!!! So much fun! I went up and down the slide all by myself and even let Carson push me in the swing.
Hey Carson, What are you doing?

Can I try out the swing?
 Here is one more picture of Carson licking the frosting. How cute is he?!? I am so glad that we got to spend the day with him (and Ingrid too). We definitely need more of these play dates in the future.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mmmm....cake pop!

Mama and I went to her school today for their "Spring Fling". There was a bake sale at school and Mama bought me a cake pop....yum! yum! She didn't take any other pictures because she kept talking to her students and their parents. I was very observant and took everything in. If anyone would like to make me a shirt that says "Look. Don't touch." I would greatly appreciate it because that's how I am out in public. Heehee!
Can I shove this whole cake pop into my mouth?

Yes I can! And I did!
 This is how Mama found me once shoes, no socks! I like to have bare feet.
Tomorrow is Friday....Yay!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

17 Months Old!!!

I am 17 months old today! Can you believe it?!?
Current likes: brushing my teeth, "singing" Twinke Twinke Little Star (Mama has yet to catch that on video...I get shy), sleeping in the King sized bed, going to Shuffletown Diner on Saturday mornings (I usually see my daycare friends Kaitlyn and William there), giving "cheers" (Dada taught me that one...Mama will take a video of that soon too), playing with Dada's bottle cap collection, feeding myself with a spoon and fork (Mama is NOT allowed to feed me anymore but really I am very good at it) and of course I love my Sidney and my Crosby.
Current dislikes: Let's just say that I am perfecting the temper tantrum when things don't go my way....I know how to turn on that pouty face and cry. Heehee!
In other news: Those top two teeth are finally starting to poke through! I am pointing to things that I want. For example: we went out to eat, and when I wanted my milk, I would point to it. I can also understand simple directions like "Go give Sidbear a kiss. Go give kitty cat a kiss." etc.
Here are some fun pictures and videos from today....very current. :-)

Where's Ayla?
Oh so comfy taking my nap in Mama and Dada's bed.

Sweet dreams!
 Mama went and got her haircut today. Doesn't she look pretty? :-)
I however look grouchy. This was right before one of my
little tantrums.
 Mama bought this silly butterfly headband at Target today. Remember the bunny ears from last year? Well, she wanted another photo opportunity. I wasn't really feeling it. :-)
Is this how I wear them, Mama?

Get these off of my head, please!

Video fun.....oh yeah! I actually LIKE taking my medicine now. Too bad I'll be done with it on Monday. I just sip it down and even give a contented sigh afterwards. :)

The second one shows how much I love Sidney and Crosby. I got some Sidney smooches right in the mouth!!! Good thing I love to brush my teeth. :-)

Oh...and while Mama was patiently waiting for the videos to upload I got into this shenanigan....

Hi! Is Sidney's food and water NOT a toy?!?!

It feels so good!

Oooh so squishy!
I was only trying to help Sidney. Pre-soaking the food makes it easier to digest. Here I am feeding it to her....