Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday and other updates.....
Yesterday, we enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with the Otto's. Mama also decided to take lots of pictures of they are:
Mama and me!

I love her!

I love Dada too (even though he shaved all of his
hair off again!)

I'm still loving that stroller and walking around
and around and around...

Close up. Check out those dimples (that are just like
my Dada's!)

Kisses for my Crosby Kitty!

Pssst!! Do you want to play???

Super cool in my shades from Gammy and Pappy.
I've also got to update everyone on my 16 months (yes 16 months...can you believe it?!?!) likes and dislikes:
Current likes: I'm pretty much a creature of habit and still enjoy the same things....eating, chasing Sidney and Crosby, my baby and baby stroller, bath time and splashing the water (I even like to just hang out in the bathroom when it's not bath time and I try to climb in the tub), feeding Sidney her treats, dancing to music, playing with my daycare friends (but sometimes I am not so nice...story to follow "in other news"), and apparently I think it's funny to hit (gently may I add) Mama and Dada in the face.
Current dislikes: Mama using her "stern Mama voice" and saying no when I gently hit her in the face. I really don't see the harm, but Mama and Dada aren't big fans. Oopsie! I still don't like to leave daycare. Oh, and recently I am not a fan of sleeping through the night again. We are still waiting for those top two teeth to come maybe that's it?!? Or it could be the fact that Mama sometimes takes me into the guest room to snuggle....aaaahhh! :-)
In other news: 14 teeth total! I sometimes don't play too nicely at daycare. On Friday, I took my friend's toy and she bit me again. There is a nice "battle scar" on my arm to prove it. Words that I know and say a lot are: Mama, Dada, Doggy (which kindof sounds like Doga), Baby, and Hey! (in my deep raspy voice that I have).
Time sure is flying! Sending everyone hugs and kisses!

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