Sunday, February 12, 2012


I had my first scary boo boo today. Well, not too scary for me...I was brave. It was a little scary for Mama and Dada at first. Here's the story. We went to Kohl's this morning to buy lots of things (shoes for Dada, baby shower gift, look for curtains, rods, and new bedding). I like to be independent now and like to walk around the store. As we were looking for curtain rods, I tripped and fell right into the display. It looked painful to Mama and Dada.....and it was! I started crying, but not for very long. Like I said, I was brave. I got a scratch right above my eye (see picture below). At first Mama didn't see it, but then the blood started running down the side of my face. The shopping cart with all of the items was shoved aside and forgotten and we went straight to the car. Once Mama was able to wipe the blood off, we saw that it was only a small scratch and we went home. After all of that excitement, I took a nice long snooze in the car.
 Before all of this, we met the Otto's for breakfast. Mama shared her chocolate chip pancakes with me! Yum! Yum!
Chocolate mouth!
 It was pretty chilly this morning so I wore my hat from my Uroma.
Where's Ayla?

There she is!!!
So Mama and Dada were looking for all that fun stuff at Kohl's today because they are re-doing their bedroom. Dada painted all day yesterday. Here is a sneak peek:
That's still the old bed and bedding.

Just taking a walk with my empty baby stroller checking it out.

One more look at my boo boo! Ouch!

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  1. The blood is so scary! A few weeks ago Alaina fell and had blood pouring out of her mouth. She just cut the inside of her lip but there was so much blood Harry and I were about to make a trip to the ER. I feel like we would have been laughed out... 15 minutes later it was like it never happened. :-) Glad Ayla is ok.