Monday, February 20, 2012

New Friends!

Happy President's Day! Daycare was closed today and Mama and Dada could not take off of work today, so we had to have a back up plan for daycare. Luckily, Mama's friend, Kathy, said that I could hang out at her house today with Lilly and Rachel. Mama and Dada were a bit nervous, because let's face it, I'm not the best with strangers. Little did they know that I really am! :-) It's the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing. Of course, when Mama is around I want to hang out with her, but really I am a super sweet girl. :-) I had lots of fun with my new friends Rachel and Layla (the dog). I've already had some play dates with Lilly so I already knew her. I liked playing with Lilly's toys (especially her tea set) and I even took a nap for over two hours in her pack and play. Thanks for a great day, Rachel, Lilly and Layla!!!
My new "doga" friend, Layla.
After Mama picked me up, we went for a walk with all of the Wykoff's. They live right by Lake Norman so we enjoyed a stroll by the lake.
Rachel and me. (Not sure what my facial expression is! Hee Hee!)

Lake Norman

I walked most of the walk all by myself.
(Mama didn't trust me near the water)

Hey Lilly! How cute is she in her cow hat?!?

Just hanging out with Layla.

Lilly, Kathy, Layla, Mama, and me.

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