Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrating 30!

Mama and Daddy had a few friends over on Saturday to celebrate turning 30 this year. Not only did they turn 30 but our friends Jason and Michele Otto also turned 30. This was great because that meant I had friends to play with too. The Mehall's came over, which meant that I got to see Aubrey and the Brang's came too, with Carson. Yay!
"What, Mama? Are these bottle caps not toys?"
Aubrey and I sure liked playing with them!

Here we are playing with all of my fun toys.

Carson and me!
 So Mama recently got hooked on "Pinterest". I'm not even sure how to describe it. It's full of great ideas though. One of these ideas are these Bobbi pins decorated with buttons. Mama was so crafty on Saturday and made me some. We also shared with Aubrey and Baby Girl Brang. :-)

Check out one of my new hair clips.
 To "celebrate 30" Mama and Dada invested in a new bedroom set. Good thing because that old bed just was not comfy and there sure wasn't room for me to snuggle in between Mama and Dada. I LOVE the new bed and took a nice long nap on it yesterday while Mama did some school work. Here are some pictures of their new bedroom set.
Check out that comfy bed! I just want to jump up there and
play with Kitty Cat!

Ahhh....playing with my Crosby Kitty!

Here is the view from the other side.
 Oh, and check out those shorts! It's not really shorts weather but Mama could not pass them up at
Wal-mart today....$2.50.
Happy Monday to all! :-)

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